Participants must respect calendar, registration and fees deadlines and rules;
Participants must respect all the instructions regarding the required materials;
Participants can be students, graduates, freelances.
Particiapts can organize in teams;
Each Team must include at least one team member aged from 18 to 35;
There are no restrictions on the maximum number of team members that a Team can have;
Teams can include members coming from different countries, cities or universities;
By paying one registration fee, participants are allowed to upload one project;
By paying additional registration fees, participants will be allowed to upload more than one project; the amount of the fees depends on the competition’s calendar;
Prizes are fixed and established (and include bank commissions and taxes) regardless of the number of members of the Team;
A technical staff appointed by the Organizer and by the Partner of the competition will evaluate the eligibility of the projects: this is not binding for the purpose of the jury’s work;
The jury’s verdict is incontestable;
It is forbidden for participants to contact jurors for matters related to the competition;
It is forbidden for participants to disclose the material regarding their projects before the winners are officially announced;
It is forbidden for participants to join the competition in case they have business collaboration or blood-relations with jurors of the competition;
By violating the participation rules, the participant and their teams will be disqualified from the competition without any getting a refund of their registration fee, which will be definitely acquired by the Organizer;
The authorship of each project is equally attributed to each member of the Team;
By registering and participating in the competition, participants fully accept all the rules, terms and conditions of the competition. Any exception will be excluded;
The Organizer has the right to change dates or other details in order to improve or fix aspects of the competition. In this case, the contestants will be noticed within a reasonable time frame through all the Organizer’s media channels;


The submitted material is not written in English;
the materials show names or references to the designers. The Team name is considered a reference to the designers. Therefore, it can only appear in the file name, since jurors will not see it;
the uploaded materials are incomplete or inconsistent to the criteria included in the chapter “MATERIALS”;
the materials are not submitted according to deadlines or to the procedures of the competition;
Teams do not include a participant younger than 35 (if the Team only has one member, the member is not younger than 35);
team members try to contact a juror for matters relating to the competition. In this case, the participant and their team will be automatically disqualified;
participants have work or family relationships with one or more members of the jury of the competition;
participants disclose their competition’s materials before the winner of the competition is announced; they will be disqualified together with their team;
participants are not the owner or authors of the submitted project or parts of such project; they will be excluded together with their team.


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