We live in a time of disconnection between humans and nature. It is a time where the transformations caused by humans have reached such a scale and magnitude that determine landscape and the balances of the planet for the first time in the history of Earth.

Pollution, land consumption, climate change: the connection between humans and the ongoing transformations is not in doubt anymore. Yet, there is the question whether they can be reversible and if something can be done to defend the shelter of species on this planet.

To answer these questions, a collective awareness is needed: an awareness directing the public towards rediscovering the value of the natural environment and thus playing an active part in its protection and enhancement.

Art On The Top is a project aiming to bring to one of the most iconic and beloved natural contexts in the world- Bologna’s hills- some artistic and performative episodes to rediscover the value of nature and the need to protect it.

The artistic installations Art On The Top wishes to create are installations that can become the manifesto of a rediscovered balance between humans and natural environment by generating site specific installation routes that enhance the place and amplify beauty and aesthetics.

Reinterpreted in a design workshop for the creativity of young talents, the hills will continue their journey through culture and collective sentiment and will become an innovative destination by welcoming installations and artistic experimentations about nature and the natural environment.

It is an ambitious project which aims to increase public awareness of the value of nature structuring and designing what will become over time one of the most renowned cultural places of the international scenario.



13/02/2023 - 12/03/2023 | 50€ +iva

Early Bird Registrations

13/03/2023 - 09/04/2023 | 75€ +iva

Standard Registrations

10/04/2023 - 07/05/2023 | 100€ +iva

Late Registrations


Material Submission Deadline


Pubblicazione Risultati


1° Prize

3.000 €

2° Prize

2.000 €

3° Prize

1.000 €

2 Gold Mentions

€500 each

10 Mention

30 Finalisti



Emanuele Montibeller

Arte Sella

Gianandrea Gazzola


Ivan Tresoldi


Marco Putignano

Collywood CEO

Praised by both Goethe and local culture, Bologna’s hills are one of the most beloved and distinctive places of Italy. They are the symbol of a rural, gentle Italy, result of a centuries-old collaboration between humans and nature.

The elevations surrounding the city of Bologna evoke a warm image of soft hills and countryside tinged with gold sunlight at sunset. It still is a natural place that can speak to the most remote component of the human being. Consequently, it can become the ideal context where to live an experience where time dilates, an experience of dialogue with art and the creativity of young creative talents.

“Collywood” was created in this context. It is an experiment of entertainment and social relations that in summer offer thousands of visitors the opportunity to enjoy a break with food from farm to fork, art and culture in the fascinating setting of the ancient ravines east to the river Rhine.

The geological connotation of the place is particularly relevant itself. It is an extremely unique sulfurous stone deposit emitting a particular luminescence at night so much so that in the past it originated several legends regarding numerous alchemical and thaumaturgical properties.

The site of the competition is full of beauty, history, and elusive fascination. It can indeed become a destination to attract all “art in nature” enthusiasts.


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